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Fire Management

Integrate fire and life safety systems for full coverage while receiving professional, timely fire inspections. Prevention before an out brake, with smart notification system, which will alert you in the event of a fire or fault via GSM (Txt or Call) and will give you a 24/7 monitoring over your assets and life.

PCL understands that nothing is more precious than the lives of your employees, students, customers and other members of the public who rely upon you to keep them safe from the dangers of fire. Recognizing these dangers, virtually every jurisdiction has adopted standards that govern fire detection systems. 


Whether you are seeking occupancy permits for your newly constructed facilities, or are retrofitting existing facilities, the success of your project depends upon a fire security partner who understands fire alarm system design, the permit process, submittal, installation and final acceptance by the Fire Marshall or other Authority Having Jurisdiction. PCL’s Fire Engineering Division offers a full range of fire safety system solutions from the  leading device manufacturers, and our commercial and industrial fire and smoke detection 
 Smaller premises are split into Fire Zones to help locate the source of an incident
 Larger premises use an addressable fire detection system where each detector has a unique address allowing incidents to be identified precisely. 
 A small system comprises of a control panel, break glass call point and sounders and some automatic detectors 
 Full range of portable fire extinguishers
 Portable extinguishers of all sizes to meet the needs of commercial and industrial premises 
 Installation, design and maintenance all being undertaken by GNFS and British Standards. 
 A complete range of self-contained emergency lighting fittings
 Product range includes exit signs, plastic bulkheads and spot light units
 Fittings can be provided for industrial large open areas, through to decorative fittings for receptions and offices. 


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