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CCVT Surveillance

Monitor your assets with the latest technology, including IP-based camera systems, video analytics, and tamper-resistant cameras.
Electronic Security offers an extensive line of the most technologically advanced video surveillance systems available today. Superior image quality and virtually limitless data storage allow you to view and manage information effectively. IP video surveillance enables the user to monitor sensitive areas from any Internet connection.

We will design a video surveillance solution customized to address your unique security and information management needs – and give you the flexibility to cost-effectively enhance
your surveillance systems in the future. 


CCTV Remote Monitoring: With the introduction of the minimum wage the cost of manned  security has escalated, with PCL CCTV systems we can reduce and in some cases, remove that expense by utilizing our remote monitoring systems. Together with this cost saving potential our systems also provide valuable and accurate recorded information for observing productivity, health and safety issues and of course security measures. 

All our remote monitoring systems can be accessed from anywhere in the world and by  anyone who has the right security access rights, which gives you complete control, when you want it, where you want it. 


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