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Access Control System 

Protect employees, patients, or students with advanced visitor management systems, card access, biometrics, and provides the ability to control, monitor and restrict the movement of people, assets or vehicles in, out and around a building or site.

Controlling access to your facility is critical to management of a broad range of security risks. The access control technologies PCL provides are scalable – from a single door to campus-wide, fully integrated digital video and visitor management systems that are part of a complete turnkey security solution. 


Hotel Door Locks


Garage Automation


Gate Automation

Managed Access Systems: PCL provides user-friendly Web-based, managed access systems that allow us to update software, add and delete access cards, print user cards and produce critical employee management data. Our staff of experienced security professionals can relieve your business of these time-consuming daily management functions, allowing you focus on growing your business. Card Access: We offer card access systems, including smart card technologies that allow you to store critical information, such as employee records and certifications. Those seeking entry to the facility, whether employees, vendors, or other visitors can be assigned access levels allowing entrance to designated areas only. An alert is issued if any attempt is made to enter an unauthorized area.  

Biometric Technologies: PCL also provides biometric solutions – including fingerprint, voice activation, and retinal scanning devices. These and other advanced biometric technologies help ensure that only pre-authorized persons obtain access to highly sensitive areas of your business. 

Visitor Management: Visitor management systems enable you to electronically register  visitors and generate detailed records of visitor traffic, including arrival and departure times. PCL also provides visitor self-registration stations that are designed for ease of use and optimized for high traffic or unsupervised registration areas of your lobby. PCL provide access control for hotels, this system will keep track of the rooms occupancy at 
every given time for good book keeping. Our product range includes token based systems, biometric identification systems and 
associated hardware.  Incorporated within Access Control is : 

• Barriers and Turnstiles
• Asset Tracking
• Automated Gates
• Door Entry Intercom (stand alone or multipurpose ie. Hotels and apartment use)
• Car Parking Systems




 Car Parking Systems




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